Bluetooth Radio Dongle

Bluetooth Radio Dongle

My attempt at a Bluetooth adapter capable of either handsfree or headset protocol. Allowing me to send mono and a mic to my radio (ham or walkie talkie). Future versions will allow dual band PTT, so I can APRS at the same time.

The Bluetooth Radio Add-on

The Bluetooth Radio Add-on allows you to connect any BT headset to your walkie talkie or ham radio. With built-in Bluetooth headset protocol you will be able to at least communicate wirelessly with your radio and in the future we hope to add remote PTT.


  • UART programmer (for initially connecting a headset)
  • Kenwood style dual pin radio plug (for ham/walkie)
  • Bluetooth HeadSet Protocol
  • Two-wire screw terminal for remote PTT button(s)
  • Micro-USB powered (for flexibility)